Our forces create value undertaking highly specialized & integrated assignments and act with commitment & integrity. In the 21st century, businesses and professionals cannot be part of a global market, unless they take good care of the following pillars:

Business growth

Growth is for businesses their rule of existence. Achieving a global sustainable growth makes the difference.

We can achieve a sustainable business growth by:

exploring  international trade & development opportunities  I  arranging trade missions & delegations  I  acquiring new customers  I  acquiring new sales channels  I  entering into new markets  I  launching new products & services  I retaining & growing current customers  I  connecting businesses for better cooperation and business growth  I  creating awareness about new business and investment opportunities  I  strengthening pricing  I  exploiting financing opportunities  I  educating and empowering people’s capabilities

Business innovation & digital solutions

We place the innovation & digital solutions at the very center of all our mission endeavors creating new forms of value & wealth for businesses and their shareholders.

We can create new forms of value by:

getting to market faster & more effectively  I  enabling new business scenarios, products & services  I  optimizing business operations  I  exploiting insights & improving decision making  I increasing employee productivity & collaboration  I  driving changes leading into top & bottom line results  I  increasing agility & flexibility to opportunities/threats  I  enabling better governance & stakeholders collaboration

Business performance

Performance is the catalyst of achieving business targets & goals. There is no other way for businesses, than improving continuously their performance and their efficiency.

We can improve the business performance by:

increasing assets efficiency  I  improving liabilities management  I  strengthening cash flow position  I  improving bottom line result  I streamlining supply chain process  I optimizing operational efficiency & product productivity  I optimizing other operation procedures  I  improving overall business performance  I  negotiating better terms with major creditors  I  exploring & utilizing tax opportunities   I  enhancing management skills  I  providing coaching & professional training

Business governance

The way people direct, administer and control a business is by all means the most critical issue, affects their everyday life and sometimes goes beyond it.

We can strength the business governance by:

developing a strengthen governance framework  I  assessing & controlling the business & financial risk  I developing & implementing efficient organisational charts  I  placing BOD members I undertaking interim management  responsibility I  undertaking CEO & CFO role  I  managing stakeholders relationship  I managing business expectations  I  considering external factors  I enhancing agility & flexibility

We create value in almost all industries, being highly specialized among others, in the following:

Football as a business

In order to guarantee the sustainable future of all football clubs, both football & business experts need to work together.

We can support the sustainability & further growth of a football club by:

Leadership & Strategy

contributing to club’s strategy & vision enhancement I developing strategic & business plans I performing basic & contingency strategic plans

Sports Activities

aligning business & sport strategy  I  organizing better the sports department  I  performing both, technical & financial bench- marking of players  I  assessing & predicting the return of investment (ROI) on buying players  I  setting measurement targets on selling players  I  enhancing key people/processes efficiency  I  enabling scouting process world-wide  I  integrating the player’s recruitment process (technical, financial, medical)  I  implementing crucial KPI’s for an effective youth development measurement

Business Activities

demonstrating digitally the brand  I  increasing sponsorship revenues  I  optimizing season & match day tickets/revenues  I  transforming ticketing system  I  developing e-shopping and increasing merchandising revenues  I  establishing a strong digital marketing  I  exploring TV rights opportunities globally

Community & Communications

implementing IT & digital Tools, website & social media  I  implementing CRM/FAN database management


defining roles & responsibilities of key positions  I  empowering people’s capabilities  I  integrating controlling & budgeting procedures  I  performing club’s valuation & demonstrating it for fund raising/new investors purposes


providing specifities of football finances  I  strengthening cash flow management  I  developing annual budget & medium term plan based on scenarios sporting results I  monitoring the budget consumption & identifying the variances  I  undertaking UEFA – FFP & local football authorites licencing procedures  I  undertaking CFO responsibilities  I  implementing IFRS & UEFA GAAP  I  managing tax issues

Governance & Organization

supporting different ownership models  I  developing & implementing efficient organisational charts  I  advising the BOD & undertaking interim management  I  Implementing internal controls

Small-medium enterprises

The SME sector plays an extremely important role in modern economy, proving to be a very attractive and highly innovative system.

IBF provides opportunities for SME’s to interact and interface with government agencies, investment boards, technology boards, commercial & industrial chambers, representatives of European Union Commission, investment bankers, PE/VC funds, subject matters experts & professionals and other eminent personalities from various sectors.

We can create positive business atmosphere in the SME Sector for their better business development & global growth by organizing & undertaking various activities :

Strategy  & Leadership

supporting entrepreneurship & vision  I  developing strategy & business plans  I  enabling strategic networking  I  identifying technology transfers & joint venture opportunities  I  enabling the strategic entrance into new markets

International Trade Development

enabling the acquisition of new customers  I  developing new commercial channels  I  providing business and export / import leads  I  identifying buyers, Importers and business partners  I  arranging & undertaking business meetings with potential partners, buyers, importers & companies  I  contracting manufacturing tie-ups in Europe, India & China  I  identifying service providers and project contractors in Europe, India and China

Commercial Promotion

performing market development actions, survey & research on various markets, products & services  I  marketing e-mailer & social media campaign across boundaries for promotion of products and services  I  implementing IT & digital Tools, website & social media  I  undertaking corporate branding  I  performing branding of products & services  I  supporting the launch of new products & services

Administration & Operations

providing information on industrial cooperation & technical information, rules and regulations on various business activities  I  providing assistance to set up of new businesses in Europe  I  optimizing supply chain, production & operation cost  I  improving overall business performance  I  empowering people’s skills & capabilities

Finance & Financing

undertaking CFO role  I  strengthening cash flow management  I  developing annual budget & medium term plan based on various commercial scenarios  I  managing tax issues  I  exploitting private equity & venture capital investment opportunities  I  demonstrating SME’s to potential investors


placing BOD members  I  enhancing management skills  I  implementing internal controls  I  identifying, assessing and mitigating risk  I  developing & implementing efficient organisational charts

Start-ups growth

Nowadays, our world is moving so fast that if we say ``this can't be done``... someone else will be doing it for sure!

We can protect and develop a start up effort by:

developing seed, grow & survive strategy  I  preparing business plans  I  performing funding demonstration  I  providing equity advisory services  I  finding cost effective operating model  I  enabling cooperation with  companies & providing networking  I activating market to try your product or services  I  undertaking CEO & CFO role  I  providing mentoring

Turnarounds - giving a second chance

Businesses are moving even when they seem to be standing still. Never believe that the game is over.

We can provide to a company a second chance by:

stopping the bleeding  I  developing turnaround strategy  I implementing turnaround plans  I  issuing IBR reports  I  making restructuring agreements with the banks  I  restructuring debt & equity position  I  performing due diligence  I  undertaking interim management & CRO position I improving operational effectiveness  I  increasing the support of employees, debtors & creditors in turnaround  I  undertaking negotiations with major creditors  I  exploiting investment opportunities globally  I  giving support to a second chance